About Me

In my view point the most important value addition that an advisor can provide is to understand the client, to put on client's shoes, understand the difficulties and the ease of the client and transform this into a holistic picture for the need. To understand the rational of the question - to lead to the solutions which is best fit. 

In my whole career I have been in an area, which involves both business and process and technology. This gave me a deep understanding of the products which the business provides. The processes the operations bit which is relevant for the products, and the technology which provides the competitive advantage. This made me to take a front to back picture of the situation and enable me to provide end to end solutions.

As I have spent my entire career in Swiss financial industry, I feel integerated in the same and appreciate to the deepest core how good the Swiss financial industry is. I would like to take this advance industry to the benefit of the person or group seeking it.

I am particularly interested in the frontier markets where the need of a robust and stable financial industry is the highest. That is the area which need the help more and can leverage the advancement of a stable fincial industry and contribute to their extraordinary developement.